Your First Song: From Idea to Production

Do you wish to publish your song? Nowadays, if you are willing to go your song in public, you just have to know how to do it well. There is no word of impossible in these recent days. Even though you are not a popular artist, you still have a chance to publish your first song and start debut from it.

Stages of Music Production

While you need to involve music production, the first thing you need to notice is about the stages of music production itself. Keep in mind that producing a song should go through some stages until it has already published.

Don’t you curious about the stages of music production itself? Here are stages of music production:


The first time before publishing your song is you need to write a song! What kind of song would you like to publish? In this stage, you need to make sure that you write the song as what you want. Don’t forget to keep an eye toward the song’s structure.

What kind of structure would like to use? Do you want to create love, friendship, or other song themes? Who is your target marketing? Is it an adult or a teen? Adjust it well to your interest.

If you interest more to the love song, just make sure you use the right words which can express strong love feelings. Don’t ever think that it is as easy as you think. Choosing the right word to express certain feelings is not easy. You have to mix and match it with a whole lyric of your song, too.

Besides writing a lyric, you also need to decide the melody of the song. Make sure you take the right melody to be a back sound of your song. Once it’s done, let’s get to the next stage!


After you have a good lyric and melody, the next stage is arranging your song. Many people are neglected and least understood of this stage. Actually, it is the most important stages because it can create more your song to be better and better. If you have created a good song, then you can get the best song after completing this stage.

In this stage, all of the lyrics and melody of what you have created before will be rearranged. You are able to add another structure of your song to make it complete. An example, if you have created a song with chorus and verse only, it is not enough to play with them. You need another additional structure to make it stands out. you can set the first chorus with vocal harmonies and synths, second verse with the drums and bass, first verse with vocal and guitar only, and many more options.

If your song has rearranged well, step to the next stage.


After your song has rearranged, the next stage you need to do is tracking. Well, tracking here means the recording process of your song. It is to capture performances of your song. This stage is what other musicals though. They just thought that the most important things to publish their song is in this stage. It is not true, then.

It is the recording process of your song with the vocal and various instruments which you can use for your song. Usually, a song will be recorded one track a time. It is time for you to determine the feelings of your song.


Once your song is already tracking, the next stage is editing. Here, you can edit your song to get great performance in an easier way. In this part, your song will be edited by using digital editing.

You need to know that your attention to this stage is about the vibe of your recorded song. If you feel there is something wrong with it, you can correct it as what you expect for your song. Then, don’t do over while editing your song. You can take secondary editing if you think the first editing one is not satisfying enough.


After the stage of editing is completed, now you just to sit and relax to turn out your song into the master one. They will help you to combine all the instruments of your songs into a stereo 2-track mix.

Good mixing of instruments will create a motion and depth feelings to those who listen to the song. Thus, you just have to sit down and let the professionals do it for you.


The last stage is the mastering. It is a process of making your song sound coherent and have the same part of your album. In this stage, the professionals will help you to correct any minor deficiencies in the mixing stage.

After your song has already completed all stages, you are ready to publish it well. It is not as difficult as you thought, right?