Want to Create Perfect Song? Examine Further about It!

Every artist wants to have a perfect song to be heard by many people. Don’t you know that there are some things you need to recognize to write a song? Writing a song is not as simple as you thought. There are many things you need to examine further to create the best song ever.

Perfect Structure for a Song

One of the important things every artist needs to notice is its song’s structure. While your song is structured well, automatically, it will not make your song is chaotic. Once you ignore the structure, it will make people won’t listen again to your song after the first time. Your song will not so much memory.

If you would like to be creative for a song, don’t play it with the structure. You still have to stick your song to its structure because it can help the listeners where your song is going. There are many common structures for a song, like:

  1. The ABABCB structure. It is a structure with A chord used as verse, B chord used for chorus, and C is a bridge. It means a song is verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus. Its structure is extremely popular for every song you may hear. An example is Radiohead’s “High and Dry”.
  2. If you would like to use a different variation from the first one, you can use this second common structure. The structure is verse, then pre-chorus, then chorus, the next is verse, then pre-chorus and chorus again, and then bridge and the las tis chorus. The difference is on the addition of pre-chorus that puts up before the chorus itself. One of the good examples of this second structure is Firework from Katy Perry.
  3. The third structure is AABA structure. Its structure with verse then verse then bridge and verse. There is no chorus in this structure type. Usually, it begins or ends with a refrain. An example of this third structure is “We Can Work it Out” from The Beatles.

From all those common structures, we know that there are numbers of structure’s section you need to know further. It is so important to know each of section because those are all that you need to fulfill. If you understand well the section, it will help you a lot to modify a song structure as what you want.

Don’t you want to know about the basics of song structures? These are the basic song’s structures you need to examine further:


While writing a song, the verse is to move the story forward. It is a chance for you to keep the ideas for moving along.


Chorus is a place for a big idea of your song. It is the perfect place to get your idea toward what song is all about. While you are writing this part, usually there is a part of the title, here. As we know, the title sums up about what is your song about.

In this section is where people stucked in their hearing/head for a long time after hearing your song. By putting the title on your chorus, it will help people so much to find out your song in specific words.


Pre-chorus is added before the chorus. It repeats the same way all along just like a chorus does, and the same lyrics each time. It makes your song listen so nice to listen to it up.


The bridge is a kind of departure from a song that you have heard before. This is done for the music and lyrics too. Lyrically, it is a chance to create a newly point of view or perspective. Musically, it offers the listener about something that they haven’t heard before and keep your song interesting.


In the AAA or AABA structures, a refrain is the one line which draws the attention of your verses. Usually, it is put in the end or at the beginning of each verse and usualle made as the song title itself.


Actually, it doesn’t necessarily include a specific section of the certain song. If your song has one, it will be your chorus. If your song doesn’t have any chorus at all, your hook will be likely as a refrain.

Those are some basics structures of the song you need to know. If you would like to modify your song, you just have to choose one of common song structure, and then fit into your created song. Thus, you can get a perfect song structure.