Can You Use Tubidy safe in any platform?

Tubidy is a new search engine app that collect all recent and past music and videos to download. This allows you to download files directly from your mobile phone. When you visit this app from the website version, you will amaze with their millions of collections of songs and videos start from the recent hits into classical songs. The videos collections are also ranging start from the hit shows to the full-length movie.

The pros of tubidy

Why tubidy is a great platform for download music and video? By using tubidy, you will not need to install any application into a computer or Android because when you download the file, it takes directly from the site. With tubidy, you are also no need to make account or member when logging in to the site. This app is also no limitation for download songs or video.

The cons of tubidy

However, with a convenient way to download files and free charge, there is still some disadvantage that makes user turning into other apps such as tubidy. These disadvantages also include with low audio quality, tons of advertisement that annoy the searching and download, fake search results, user interface that unattractive, files that filled with different content, entries that not related with searching and many more. If you want to get better access without these annoying issues, you can subscribe to their premium services.

Tubidy for android

Tubidy for Android is the improvement from Tubidy to make their use easier to use tubidy. Tubidy apps allow their user to create a playlist and enjoy the playlist in offline. To access and create a playlist in Tubidy, you need to make an account and log in. To make this playlist, go into Tubidy website and then click to the toggle menu button. Tap to the “my account” menu button and click to log in. In the login page, scroll down till find the signup menu. Fill the signup details with username, password, and more. After your account created, then login to your account again and create the playlist that you want.

An alternative option for tubidy

With these advantages beyond, that no reasons why many people are looking for alternative sites or app from tubidy. However, sometimes people find that other apps also work better from Tubidy.

  • Napster. Napster is gigantic resources for music streaming that allow their user from worldwide to stream music.

  • Audiomax. Audiomax is music apps that allow their user to enjoy music audio and video by the stream and download with real time. You can enjoy millions of music collection and listen the offline.

  • Beats music. Beat music allows you to access into more than 20 millions of songs from wide arrays selections from genre music.

  • Pandora music. This is an app that has collections of songs that allows their users to listen, discovering and personalizing their preference taste in an ultimate way.

Besides of these available apps that similar to Tubidy, you also can find other apps that give you more options if Tubidy does not give you on your taste and preferences on music.