How Do I Find the Name of a Song? These Apps will Help You!

Have you wondered about the song you have heard and stuck on your mind for a long time but you don’t recognize the name of a song itself? Yes, many people have the same problems as you! It is not only about you who have this kind of problems.

Some people come to certain places, listen and enjoy to the music, but in the end, they have no idea the name of a song, though the song is already stuck on their mind. To help people recognize a song that they used to hear and keep in their mind, there are some best ways for you to recognize it.

Top 5 Ways to Find the Name of a Song

Once you are getting curious about the name of a certain song, you will do anything to find more about it, right? To help you solve this problem, there are 5 ways you can do to find the name of a song that you would like to know. They are:


Shazam is a song identifying app you can find on the apps store on your mobile phone. If you would like to know the name of a song, tap a single button within the app, and then you can hold up your phone to the music source while the song is playing. The app will listen to it and provide some relevant songs from it. You can get information such as album, title, and artist. Do you know that this app works extraordinarily accurate? Wow!

Besides recognizing the name of a song, this app also provides a link to YouTube to purchase or listen to the track. Once you have used this app to identify certain songs, it will keep a nifty history on. It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.


SoundHound is another clever app like Shazam to identify the name of a song, even more, it is pretty much advanced more Shazam. As if Shazam does, if you would like to identify a certain song, you just have to tap a button and hold up your phone to the music source. Then, it will appear the information about the song that you would like to know.

If the song is already ended up before you tapping a SoundHound button, it is not a problem. You just have to sing its tune into the SoundHound apps. You can get the real information if you sing it clearly. It depends on your vocal interpretation of the song itself.

This app is originally known as Midomi. In the desktop version, it is still called Midomi. It is available on Android and iOS devices. Even you use the laptop or computer’s microphone to figure out a certain song that you need, it has the same accuracy as what the SoundHound app does.

Google Sound Search

In the Pixel phone, you may be familiar with Google Play’s Now Playing feature. Like the two apps, the Now Playing also can listen to the music around you, match it with its database, and give you the information related to its music.

The main thing you should know that this feature is always on. Whenever you would like to know about a certain song, you can use it directly. You can ask on your Android phone, Google Assistant or Google Home enabled devices of “what song is playing?”. Then, Google will give you the answer to it.

Ask Siri or Alexa

Just like the other number of aforementioned devices, there is Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa which can provide you the results of the name of a song you are asking about. Just call out them, they will listen in and recognizing the name of a song they have heard.

Genius or Google Search

The last best ways to find out the name of a song is by finding it on Genius or Google Search. This is a personal tried-and-true method. You also can get an accurate answer to songs that you would like to know.

While you are listening to a certain song, you just have to remember some lines of lyrics of its song. Then, you can type or voice it to the Google Search or Genius, then go find it. You will get the best answer to the name of its song. Moreover, you can get the whole lyrics of the song itself. It is so helpful while you are curious about the lyrics too. It may sound traditional, but it absolutely works to find the information and whole lyrics of the song.

Those are the top 5 ways you can do to identify the name of a song. Just pick one of the best ways and you can recognize every song you hear in an easier way. The problem of not knowing the name a song is already solved.