Best Songs for a Beginner to Learn on Guitar

Are you playing the guitar? As we know, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments which is played with thousands of people. Many people are willing to learn to play guitar, and perhaps, you do.

For you who just learn playing the guitar, you can try your ability by playing easy songs. In fact, there is extremely hard to find an easy song to help you improve the guitar skill. Even it is hard to find, you still have a chance to get a list of easy songs you can play on.

Easy Songs to Play for Beginner

Maybe, the songs you have heard or known well is actually easy to play. To make sure that the song is easy enough to play, you can search the chords of its songs. You can see what kind of chords on its songs. If they just use 2 to 4 chords, you can say it as an easy song to play.

There is a list of easy songs you can play to improve your guitar skill. The list of easy songs is:

Lay ‘em Down by Needtobreathe

Key: C

Chord Progression: C – Cadd9 – G – F

Its song is bluesy and slow. It will give you plenty of time to change the chord afterward. It opens with C which can be a standard tuning with chord sheet and basic lyrics.

Folsom Prison Blues by Everlast

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – B or B7

You can play the Everlast or Johnny Cash version of this song, it is all the same. You are playing the key of E, mostly. While you choose the Everlast rendition, you can get more fun to play. If you want to play a bit fast with some few chord changes, you can choose 12-bar blues versions.

Doesn’t Remind Me by Audioslave

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – D

While you are playing this song, most of the chords you will play are E, A, and D with some verses being E and A. This song is easy to learn for the beginner. It helps you to improve more your guitar skills by playing this song over and over.

Born Free by Kid Rock

Key: A

Chord Progression: E – A

While playing this song, you may find F#m chord, but entirely, it is made of E and A chords. This song is ideal for an electric or acoustic guitar cover.

Teardrop by Massive Attack

Key: A

Chord Progression: A – G – D – A – F – G – A

Although the chord progression is quite long, you can feel so challenging to play this song. You can say that it is the next level of playing guitar for a beginner. The tricky part you need to master is about hearing the chord changes. To help you hear the chord changes, you can try it to piano chords and notice about the changes carefully. Then, practice it using your guitar.

Rockstar by Nickelback

Key: G

Chord Progression: G – C – F- Am

You can find the chords that are using in this song is only three chords, which are G, C, and F. Don’t be worry because this song is fun to listen and the tempo is slow. Thus, you can have much time to do chord changes while playing this game.

Inside Out by Eve 6

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – B – A – E – F#

You can say that this song has simple chords but at a higher difficulty level. It has a number of chords and it is a faster pace. If you don’t mind with the pace, you can do chord changes in easier ways.

Fireflies by Owl City

Key: C or BB

Chord Progression: C – G – Am – F

Who doesn’t know about this song? This song is getting popular worldwide. Don’t you know that this song is categorized as simple songs you can learn to improve your guitar ability. While you are a beginner of playing guitar, the Bb chord is a little bit tricky for you.

Those are the easiest songs you can try for your guitar skill. Make sure you choose the simplest and easiest songs with two or more chords you need to change. After mastering all easy songs, you can learn it more and try a higher level of chords.