Top 5 YouTube MP3 Converters

As we know, YouTube is one of the video apps which many people use to find a certain video they need. There, you will find a lot of video categories which can help you to get the best information. If you would like to convert the video, use youtube mp3 dönüştürücü or another video converters you can find.

While you need certain information with a video-based, YouTube is the best platform for it. Unfortunately, there was not a video converter from its platform. If you need to convert it, you have to find other apps to help you convert a video from YouTube.

Top 5 Best Video Converters

For you who want to convert videos from YouTube, you just have to find the best video converter for it. Besides tubidy mp3, there are some lists of video YouTube converter you can use. Do you want to know what those are? Here we go!

Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

It is one of a great audio tool which can instantly connect your YouTube account to MP3. Besides connecting directly to YouTube, these sites also can connect the audio from number sites like Vevo, MySpace, DailyMotion, Veoh, and many more. There is one interesting feature you can get in this tool is you can use any output formats like MAV, WMA, ACC, MP3, and more.

If you would like to convert a video from YouTube, just copy the URL of YouTube video, paste it to the URL box and click the Convert button. Then, the output settings menu will be appeared. Choose the output formats you like, then you can click the Download button. It’s so simple, right?

Video Grabber

If you like to use online video downloading, why don’t use Video Grabber? You can use this site to convert YouTube video to MP3. Besides downloading a video, you also can use it for online video editor and converter, too.

While the downloading video is done, you can convert it to MP3 format and save to your local disk. This site works well to Mac and Windows platforms.


While you are looking for the best site to convert a video to MP3, this can be the most convenient web tool you can use. Although it is an online application, it does not force other online users to sign in or plug-ins to use it.

To download the video, you just have to put the URL video in the designated box, and then click Go. Then, let it does for you. Soon, you will get a link to download the MP3 file directly.


It is a Java running program which functions as video to MP3 downloader or converter. Beside the download box, you can use some knacks which are listed clearly. You also can choose whether you would like to choose a video output with Standard or High quality. Just make sure to keep your Java up-to-date. It is to avoid any alteration with the site’s function.


If you would like to have a web-based app which can help you to convert a YouTube video to MP3 in seconds, and convert the file in few minutes only. Luckily, this web-based app is compatible with any mobile platforms and works well on Windows, Android, and iPhone phones. The only drawback you need to notice is you can’t use it on the Chrome browser because it has been banned by Google.

Those are the top 5 best video converters you can use to convert or download videos from YouTube. Just pick one of them. Still, the best site you can use for converting YouTube video is youtube mp3 dönüştürücü.

What is the Best Music App for iPhone?

Are you using an iPhone for your day to day activity? You might want to know the best application to be used for each specific activity. One activity that phone users in today’s world most likely do is listening to music. It becomes a widely spread culture since smartphone allows phone users to customize their own set list. The technology of headset also enables users to listen to music for themselves. If you look around there are many options of music app for iPhone. However, how to decide if one app is better than the other?

Many iPhone users are currently signing up for Spotify service. This particular app is well-loved by many people because it offers vast library of music (which is counted in many respectable charts) and interesting features. The features offered include public playlist and music browsing. You will be able to recommend songs to your friends too using this music app for iPhone. At the end of the year, there will be a yearly review for song listened by a user in the whole year. mp3juice

There are definitely other app examples for users of iPhone that are downloadable. You can download iHeart, Pandora, YouTube Music, and other apps. They are offered for free but there are also premium versions that are considered more convenient because they do not include ads in the interface. But are these apps the best one for you as an iPhone user? The answer can only be decided by you. As a parameter, you need to decide whether you mainly use Apple products as your tech equipment?

If so, your best bet of music app for iPhone would be the Apple Music. This particular application has already been integrated in your system. You need to pay for monthly subscription fee to have unlimited access of set list. Every purchase of music through this app would be counted in reputable charts as well, so it is a legal way to support your favorite artist’s crafts. It is recommended if you have a whole Apple ecosystem.

As you probably have known, it is easier to synchronize data of device manufactured by similar tech company than the different one. Thus, you are recommended to use Apple Music as music app for iPhone is most of your devices come from the same manufacture. It will make data transfer process a whole lot easier for you. Hopefully this passage helps you making the decision.

Can You Use Tubidy safe in any platform?

Tubidy is a new search engine app that collect all recent and past music and videos to download. This allows you to download files directly from your mobile phone. When you visit this app from the website version, you will amaze with their millions of collections of songs and videos start from the recent hits into classical songs. The videos collections are also ranging start from the hit shows to the full-length movie.

The pros of tubidy

Why tubidy is a great platform for download music and video? By using tubidy, you will not need to install any application into a computer or Android because when you download the file, it takes directly from the site. With tubidy, you are also no need to make account or member when logging in to the site. This app is also no limitation for download songs or video.

The cons of tubidy

However, with a convenient way to download files and free charge, there is still some disadvantage that makes user turning into other apps such as tubidy. These disadvantages also include with low audio quality, tons of advertisement that annoy the searching and download, fake search results, user interface that unattractive, files that filled with different content, entries that not related with searching and many more. If you want to get better access without these annoying issues, you can subscribe to their premium services.

Tubidy for android

Tubidy for Android is the improvement from Tubidy to make their use easier to use tubidy. Tubidy apps allow their user to create a playlist and enjoy the playlist in offline. To access and create a playlist in Tubidy, you need to make an account and log in. To make this playlist, go into Tubidy website and then click to the toggle menu button. Tap to the “my account” menu button and click to log in. In the login page, scroll down till find the signup menu. Fill the signup details with username, password, and more. After your account created, then login to your account again and create the playlist that you want.

An alternative option for tubidy

With these advantages beyond, that no reasons why many people are looking for alternative sites or app from tubidy. However, sometimes people find that other apps also work better from Tubidy.

  • Napster. Napster is gigantic resources for music streaming that allow their user from worldwide to stream music.

  • Audiomax. Audiomax is music apps that allow their user to enjoy music audio and video by the stream and download with real time. You can enjoy millions of music collection and listen the offline.

  • Beats music. Beat music allows you to access into more than 20 millions of songs from wide arrays selections from genre music.

  • Pandora music. This is an app that has collections of songs that allows their users to listen, discovering and personalizing their preference taste in an ultimate way.

Besides of these available apps that similar to Tubidy, you also can find other apps that give you more options if Tubidy does not give you on your taste and preferences on music.

How Do I Find the Name of a Song? These Apps will Help You!

Have you wondered about the song you have heard and stuck on your mind for a long time but you don’t recognize the name of a song itself? Yes, many people have the same problems as you! It is not only about you who have this kind of problems.

Some people come to certain places, listen and enjoy to the music, but in the end, they have no idea the name of a song, though the song is already stuck on their mind. To help people recognize a song that they used to hear and keep in their mind, there are some best ways for you to recognize it.

Top 5 Ways to Find the Name of a Song

Once you are getting curious about the name of a certain song, you will do anything to find more about it, right? To help you solve this problem, there are 5 ways you can do to find the name of a song that you would like to know. They are:


Shazam is a song identifying app you can find on the apps store on your mobile phone. If you would like to know the name of a song, tap a single button within the app, and then you can hold up your phone to the music source while the song is playing. The app will listen to it and provide some relevant songs from it. You can get information such as album, title, and artist. Do you know that this app works extraordinarily accurate? Wow!

Besides recognizing the name of a song, this app also provides a link to YouTube to purchase or listen to the track. Once you have used this app to identify certain songs, it will keep a nifty history on. It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.


SoundHound is another clever app like Shazam to identify the name of a song, even more, it is pretty much advanced more Shazam. As if Shazam does, if you would like to identify a certain song, you just have to tap a button and hold up your phone to the music source. Then, it will appear the information about the song that you would like to know.

If the song is already ended up before you tapping a SoundHound button, it is not a problem. You just have to sing its tune into the SoundHound apps. You can get the real information if you sing it clearly. It depends on your vocal interpretation of the song itself.

This app is originally known as Midomi. In the desktop version, it is still called Midomi. It is available on Android and iOS devices. Even you use the laptop or computer’s microphone to figure out a certain song that you need, it has the same accuracy as what the SoundHound app does.

Google Sound Search

In the Pixel phone, you may be familiar with Google Play’s Now Playing feature. Like the two apps, the Now Playing also can listen to the music around you, match it with its database, and give you the information related to its music.

The main thing you should know that this feature is always on. Whenever you would like to know about a certain song, you can use it directly. You can ask on your Android phone, Google Assistant or Google Home enabled devices of “what song is playing?”. Then, Google will give you the answer to it.

Ask Siri or Alexa

Just like the other number of aforementioned devices, there is Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa which can provide you the results of the name of a song you are asking about. Just call out them, they will listen in and recognizing the name of a song they have heard.

Genius or Google Search

The last best ways to find out the name of a song is by finding it on Genius or Google Search. This is a personal tried-and-true method. You also can get an accurate answer to songs that you would like to know.

While you are listening to a certain song, you just have to remember some lines of lyrics of its song. Then, you can type or voice it to the Google Search or Genius, then go find it. You will get the best answer to the name of its song. Moreover, you can get the whole lyrics of the song itself. It is so helpful while you are curious about the lyrics too. It may sound traditional, but it absolutely works to find the information and whole lyrics of the song.

Those are the top 5 ways you can do to identify the name of a song. Just pick one of the best ways and you can recognize every song you hear in an easier way. The problem of not knowing the name a song is already solved.

Best Songs for a Beginner to Learn on Guitar

Are you playing the guitar? As we know, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments which is played with thousands of people. Many people are willing to learn to play guitar, and perhaps, you do.

For you who just learn playing the guitar, you can try your ability by playing easy songs. In fact, there is extremely hard to find an easy song to help you improve the guitar skill. Even it is hard to find, you still have a chance to get a list of easy songs you can play on.

Easy Songs to Play for Beginner

Maybe, the songs you have heard or known well is actually easy to play. To make sure that the song is easy enough to play, you can search the chords of its songs. You can see what kind of chords on its songs. If they just use 2 to 4 chords, you can say it as an easy song to play.

There is a list of easy songs you can play to improve your guitar skill. The list of easy songs is:

Lay ‘em Down by Needtobreathe

Key: C

Chord Progression: C – Cadd9 – G – F

Its song is bluesy and slow. It will give you plenty of time to change the chord afterward. It opens with C which can be a standard tuning with chord sheet and basic lyrics.

Folsom Prison Blues by Everlast

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – B or B7

You can play the Everlast or Johnny Cash version of this song, it is all the same. You are playing the key of E, mostly. While you choose the Everlast rendition, you can get more fun to play. If you want to play a bit fast with some few chord changes, you can choose 12-bar blues versions.

Doesn’t Remind Me by Audioslave

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – D

While you are playing this song, most of the chords you will play are E, A, and D with some verses being E and A. This song is easy to learn for the beginner. It helps you to improve more your guitar skills by playing this song over and over.

Born Free by Kid Rock

Key: A

Chord Progression: E – A

While playing this song, you may find F#m chord, but entirely, it is made of E and A chords. This song is ideal for an electric or acoustic guitar cover.

Teardrop by Massive Attack

Key: A

Chord Progression: A – G – D – A – F – G – A

Although the chord progression is quite long, you can feel so challenging to play this song. You can say that it is the next level of playing guitar for a beginner. The tricky part you need to master is about hearing the chord changes. To help you hear the chord changes, you can try it to piano chords and notice about the changes carefully. Then, practice it using your guitar.

Rockstar by Nickelback

Key: G

Chord Progression: G – C – F- Am

You can find the chords that are using in this song is only three chords, which are G, C, and F. Don’t be worry because this song is fun to listen and the tempo is slow. Thus, you can have much time to do chord changes while playing this game.

Inside Out by Eve 6

Key: E

Chord Progression: E – A – B – A – E – F#

You can say that this song has simple chords but at a higher difficulty level. It has a number of chords and it is a faster pace. If you don’t mind with the pace, you can do chord changes in easier ways.

Fireflies by Owl City

Key: C or BB

Chord Progression: C – G – Am – F

Who doesn’t know about this song? This song is getting popular worldwide. Don’t you know that this song is categorized as simple songs you can learn to improve your guitar ability. While you are a beginner of playing guitar, the Bb chord is a little bit tricky for you.

Those are the easiest songs you can try for your guitar skill. Make sure you choose the simplest and easiest songs with two or more chords you need to change. After mastering all easy songs, you can learn it more and try a higher level of chords.

Your First Song: From Idea to Production

Do you wish to publish your song? Nowadays, if you are willing to go your song in public, you just have to know how to do it well. There is no word of impossible in these recent days. Even though you are not a popular artist, you still have a chance to publish your first song and start debut from it.

Stages of Music Production

While you need to involve music production, the first thing you need to notice is about the stages of music production itself. Keep in mind that producing a song should go through some stages until it has already published.

Don’t you curious about the stages of music production itself? Here are stages of music production:


The first time before publishing your song is you need to write a song! What kind of song would you like to publish? In this stage, you need to make sure that you write the song as what you want. Don’t forget to keep an eye toward the song’s structure.

What kind of structure would like to use? Do you want to create love, friendship, or other song themes? Who is your target marketing? Is it an adult or a teen? Adjust it well to your interest.

If you interest more to the love song, just make sure you use the right words which can express strong love feelings. Don’t ever think that it is as easy as you think. Choosing the right word to express certain feelings is not easy. You have to mix and match it with a whole lyric of your song, too.

Besides writing a lyric, you also need to decide the melody of the song. Make sure you take the right melody to be a back sound of your song. Once it’s done, let’s get to the next stage!


After you have a good lyric and melody, the next stage is arranging your song. Many people are neglected and least understood of this stage. Actually, it is the most important stages because it can create more your song to be better and better. If you have created a good song, then you can get the best song after completing this stage fullrip.

In this stage, all of the lyrics and melody of what you have created before will be rearranged. You are able to add another structure of your song to make it complete. An example, if you have created a song with chorus and verse only, it is not enough to play with them. You need another additional structure to make it stands out. you can set the first chorus with vocal harmonies and synths, second verse with the drums and bass, first verse with vocal and guitar only, and many more options.

If your song has rearranged well, step to the next stage.


After your song has rearranged, the next stage you need to do is tracking. Well, tracking here means the recording process of your song. It is to capture performances of your song. This stage is what other musicals though. They just thought that the most important things to publish their song is in this stage. It is not true, then.

It is the recording process of your song with the vocal and various instruments which you can use for your song. Usually, a song will be recorded one track a time. It is time for you to determine the feelings of your song.


Once your song is already tracking, the next stage is editing. Here, you can edit your song to get great performance in an easier way. In this part, your song will be edited by using digital editing.

You need to know that your attention to this stage is about the vibe of your recorded song. If you feel there is something wrong with it, you can correct it as what you expect for your song. Then, don’t do over while editing your song. You can take secondary editing if you think the first editing one is not satisfying enough.


After the stage of editing is completed, now you just to sit and relax to turn out your song into the master one. They will help you to combine all the instruments of your songs into a stereo 2-track mix.

Good mixing of instruments will create a motion and depth feelings to those who listen to the song. Thus, you just have to sit down and let the professionals do it for you.


The last stage is the mastering. It is a process of making your song sound coherent and have the same part of your album. In this stage, the professionals will help you to correct any minor deficiencies in the mixing stage.

After your song has already completed all stages, you are ready to publish it well. It is not as difficult as you thought, right?

Want to Create Perfect Song? Examine Further about It!

Every artist wants to have a perfect song to be heard by many people. Don’t you know that there are some things you need to recognize to write a song? Writing a song is not as simple as you thought. There are many things you need to examine further to create the best song ever.

Perfect Structure for a Song

One of the important things every artist needs to notice is its song’s structure. While your song is structured well, automatically, it will not make your song is chaotic. Once you ignore the structure, it will make people won’t listen again to your song after the first time. Your song will not so much memory.

If you would like to be creative for a song, don’t play it with the structure. You still have to stick your song to its structure because it can help the listeners where your song is going. There are many common structures for a song, like:

  1. The ABABCB structure. It is a structure with A chord used as verse, B chord used for chorus, and C is a bridge. It means a song is verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus. Its structure is extremely popular for every song you may hear. An example is Radiohead’s “High and Dry”.
  2. If you would like to use a different variation from the first one, you can use this second common structure. The structure is verse, then pre-chorus, then chorus, the next is verse, then pre-chorus and chorus again, and then bridge and the las tis chorus. The difference is on the addition of pre-chorus that puts up before the chorus itself. One of the good examples of this second structure is Firework from Katy Perry.
  3. The third structure is AABA structure. Its structure with verse then verse then bridge and verse. There is no chorus in this structure type. Usually, it begins or ends with a refrain. An example of this third structure is “We Can Work it Out” from The Beatles.

From all those common structures, we know that there are numbers of structure’s section you need to know further. It is so important to know each of section because those are all that you need to fulfill. If you understand well the section, it will help you a lot to modify a song structure as what you want.

Don’t you want to know about the basics of song structures? These are the basic song’s structures you need to examine further:


While writing a song, the verse is to move the story forward. It is a chance for you to keep the ideas for moving along.


Chorus is a place for a big idea of your song. It is the perfect place to get your idea toward what song is all about. While you are writing this part, usually there is a part of the title, here. As we know, the title sums up about what is your song about.

In this section is where people stucked in their hearing/head for a long time after hearing your song. By putting the title on your chorus, it will help people so much to find out your song in specific words.


Pre-chorus is added before the chorus. It repeats the same way all along just like a chorus does, and the same lyrics each time. It makes your song listen so nice to listen to it up.


The bridge is a kind of departure from a song that you have heard before. This is done for the music and lyrics too. Lyrically, it is a chance to create a newly point of view or perspective. Musically, it offers the listener about something that they haven’t heard before and keep your song interesting.


In the AAA or AABA structures, a refrain is the one line which draws the attention of your verses. Usually, it is put in the end or at the beginning of each verse and usualle made as the song title itself.


Actually, it doesn’t necessarily include a specific section of the certain song. If your song has one, it will be your chorus. If your song doesn’t have any chorus at all, your hook will be likely as a refrain.

Those are some basics structures of the song you need to know. If you would like to modify your song, you just have to choose one of common song structure, and then fit into your created song. Thus, you can get a perfect song structure.